L21-30P Pass & Seymour - Legrand Power Cord Connector - Screw on (L2130P)

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This L21-30P power cord connector is a 4-pole 5-conductor grounding heavy-duty plug. The tough nylon body provides impact and chemical resistance. The powerful offsetting cord grip clamps on individual conductors and outer cord jackets prevent strain on the terminals.


  • Quick-thread assembly screws and cord-grip screws come backed-out, ready-to-wire.
  • Industrial-strength, brass alloy plug blades and connector contacts resist heat rise, provide excellent conductivity.
  • Raised ribs provide non-slip gripping profile for turning to lock and unlock.
  • Double dovetail design provides superior protection against cord pull-out forces.
  • Impact- and corrosion-resistant durable nylon 6 shell material.
  • Rounded back contour reduces snags and hang-ups on the job site.
  • Scallop shell design provides non-slip gripping surface for insertion and withdrawal.
  • Visible stamped NEMA configuration and device rating.
  • New-design external cord grips provide visible assurance of safe and proper cord retention.
  • Integral flexible rubber cord grommet conforms to and seals around SO cord to provide protection from oils, water, or chips entering wiring chamber.
Physical Characteristics
No. of Wires 5
No. Of Poles 4
Wire Size 0-18AWG
Connectivity Screw Terminals
Material Brass Alloy
Cable Diameter Range 0.225 - 1.150 inch
Wire Gauge Compatibility 0-18AWG
Power Rating 30A 120V
Manufacturing Information
Pass & Seymour - Legrand Part No. L2130P
UL Yes
RoHS Yes
Packaging Information
Package Quantity 1
Product Weight 0.38 lbs

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