1000ft USB Cable - 3Pr 28AWG + 2C 24AWG, 5.5MM OD - Black


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This USB 3.0 bulk cable consists of 3 pair of 28 gauge data wires and 2 conductors of 24 gauge power wires, is black in color and 1000 feet in length. It is typically used to manufacture USB cable assemblies.

Physical Characteristics
Cable Length 1000 ft (305m)
Color Black
Cable Diameter 5.5mm
Number of Pairs 3 Pairs
Color of Pairs 1P. Blue & Yellow
2P. Purple & Orange
1.White 2.Green 3.Red 4.Black
Wire Gauge 2pr 28AWG + 2C 24AWG
Temperature Rating 80℃
Jacket Material PVC
Jacket Average Thickness 0.45mm
Cable Shielding Braid + Foil Shield
Insulation Material Pair A: PE
Pair B: PE
Pair C: HDPE
Insulation Avg Thickness Pair A: 0.23mm
Pair B: 0.23mm
Pair C: 0.18mm
Insulation Diameter Pair A: 0.90±0.05mm
Pair B: 0.90±0.05mm
Pair C: 1.00±0.05mm
Conductor & Drain Construction 7/0.127±0.005mm
Conductor & Drain Material Pair A: Tinned Copper
Cabling OD
Pair A: 0.38mm
Pair B: 0.38mm
Pair C: 0.6mm
Assemble Cabling OD (mm) 3.80(ref) + filler
Braid Construction 16/8/0.120±0.005mm
Braid Material Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Wire
Braid Coverage 85%
Aluminum Constructive Side: Outside/Overlap 25
Electrical Characteristics
Voltage Rating 30V
Insulation Resistance 100M (ohms*km min at 20℃)
Conductor Resistance 239 (ohms/km max at 20℃#28)
94.2 (ohms/km max at 20℃#24)
Characteristic Impedance 90±7ohm(TDR)
Intra-Pair Skew 15ps/m
Attenuation 0.1GHz < 1.5;
1.25GHz < 5;
2.5GHz < 7.5;
7.5GHz < 25
Flame Test VW-1
Before Aging Tensile Strength: >=1.05kgf/mm²
Elongation: >100%
After Aging Tensile Strength: >70%
Elongation: >=65%
USB Standard USB 3.0
RoHS Yes
Packaging Information
Package Quantity 1
Product Weight 26.18 lbs [11.7kg]

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