Singlemode Simplex SC/APC to SC/APC G657B3 - Fiber Optic Patch Cable - 3mm Jacket - OFNR Indoor/Outdoor

OS2 Singlemode SimplexSKU: FO-FH604-SCA2-03R-BK

Length: 1m
Color: Black
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These 9 micron SC/APC fiber optic cables are made with Corning G657B3 fiber. They are constructed with a 3mm PVC OFNR riser indoor/outdoor rated jacket. They are tested to provide the optimum data transmission and network stability. They’re typically used to connect from a service provider’s fiber outlet to the router. Compatible with Bell, Google Fiber, UniFi Dream machine and more FTTH networks & hardware.

Physical Characteristics
Color Black/ White
Cable Diameter 3mm
Fiber Size 9/125 micron
Fiber Type Singlemode
Glass Manufacturer Corning Glass (G657B3)
Connector Ferrules Ceramic
Jacket Rating Riser (OFNR) & Indoor/Outdoor
Max. Tensile

Short Time : 150N

Long Time : 50N

Bending Radius

Dynamic : 10D

Static : 20D


Installation : -20°C ~ +50°C

Storage : -40°C ~ +70°C

Operating : -40°C ~ +70°C

Connector A SC/APC Simplex Male
Connector B SC/APC Simplex Male
Optical Characteristics
Mode Field Diameter

@1310nm : 8.6±0.4?m

@1550nm : 9.65±0.5?m

Cladding Diameter


Cladding Non-Circularity


Core-Cladding Concentricity Error


Coating Non-Circularity


Cladding-Coating Concentricity Error



@1310nm : ≤0.4dB

@1550nm : ≤0.3dB

Macro-Bending Loss

@1550nm (1 turn x 5mm radius) : ≤0.1dB

Insertion Loss ≤0.2 dB
Return Loss ≥60 dB
Speed 10 Gbps
UL, c(UL), IEC Yes
RoHS Yes
Conflict Minerals Yes
Packaging Information
Package Quantity 1
Warranty Information
Warranty Limited Lifetime
Cable Weights
3ft - 1m 6ft - 2m 10ft - 3m 15ft - 5m 23ft - 7m 30ft - 10m 40ft - 12m 50ft - 15m 65ft - 20m 80ft - 25m 100ft - 30m 131ft - 40m 164ft - 50m
0.04 lbs 0.05 lbs 0.06 lbs 0.09 lbs 0.16 lbs 0.20 lbs 0.21 lbs 0.22 lbs 0.33 lbs 0.40 lbs 0.49 lbs 0.66 lbs 0.78 lbs

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